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Clausen's Steel-Blue Killie

clausen's steel-blue killie

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Scientific Name:   Fundulopanchax gardneri clauseni      
Min. Tank Size:   15 gallons      
Personality:   Peaceful/Males aggressive to each other      
Temperature:   72-77°F      
pH:   6.0-7.0/5-10°dGH      
Size:   2.5"      
Diet:   Carnivore/May accept flakes      
Breeding:   Egglayer      


Not recommended for the general community tank; can be kept with Corydoras, Dwarf Cichlids and Catfish.

Clausen's Steel -Blue Killie

More commonly known by the scientific name Fundulopanchax gardneri or Fundulopanchax gardneri gardneri, Clausen's Steel-Blue Killi has several nicknames. These fish have been called Steel-Blue Killifish, Gardner's Killi and Blue Lyretail. These fish can be identified by the sky blue coloration exhibited by males of the species which is overlaid with bright red spots. Females are typically brownish in color and may have dark brown spots and a light-colored belly. Males of the species have blue fins ornamented with red stripes and a yellow border. Clausen's Steel-Blue Killis are a semi-annual species known to inhabit both temporary and permanent bodies of water in Cameroon and Nigeria. These fish are typically found in streams and ponds throughout the rainforest and savannah.

Tank Set-up

The ideal tank for this species of Killifish would be lined with a dark substrate like peat moss and the water should be filtered through peat. Adding plants is a good idea to provide some cover and help with general water quality. Because these fish are excellent jumpers, a tight-fitting lid for the tank is recommended. The Clausen's Steel-Blue Killi is not generally recommended for the community tank because it is a fairly robust species and the males can be quite aggressive. They are best kept in a species tank. If the desire to add other species of fish is too overwhelming, bottom-dwelling species like Corydoras and other peaceful Catfish would be good choices. To prevent the male from constantly harassing one female, these fish should be kept in a ratio of 2 or 3 females per male. This will help in reducing the stress suffered by the females by dividing the attention of the male.


Clausen's Steel-Blue Killis are likely to accept flake foods, but prefer live and frozen foods. For optimum health and coloration, feed a varied diet of live/frozen foods such as brine shrimp, Daphnia, and bloodworms along with a good quality flake.


Clausen's Steel-Blue Killis are egg scatterers and a fairly easy species to breed. The spawning tank should be soft and acidic, kept at a pH between 6.0 and 6.5 and a temperature between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. After spawning has occurred, the eggs should be removed to a small peat-lined container for incubation. The fry will hatch about 21 days later and can be fed newly hatched brine shrimp after they have consumed their yolk sacs.

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