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What You Should Know Before Buying Aqueon Fluorescent Bulbs

Before you buy replacement bulbs for your aquarium lighting system it's always wise to see what others are saying to ensure you're making the right choice. In this article you'll find out what customers who bought Aqueon bulbs had to say.


full spectrum daylight bulbAqueon is a big name in aquarium supplies and aquarium lighting is one of their specialties. If you are looking for a new aquarium lighting system for your tank, or you are simply shopping for a replacement bulb, Aqueon products are a good place to start. Not only does Aqueon offer a variety of sizes and types of fluorescent bulbs, but many of their products are designed to not just light your aquarium but to improve its appearance and enhance the coloration of your fish.

Types of Aqueon Bulbs For Aquarium Lighting

If you are in the market for fluorescent bulbs, Aqueon has a wide range of options to choose from. Some of the most popular general purpose bulbs Aqueon produces are the Full Spectrum Daylight bulbs. These bulbs put out full-spectrum light that imitates natural sunlight, helping to improve the appearance of your tank as well as that of your tank inhabitants. Aqueon Full Spectrum Daylight bulbs are long-lasting and easy to use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
T5 colormaxPerhaps you like the idea of a light bulb that enhances the appearance of your fish -- if that is the case, consider Aqueon’s Colormax fluorescent lamps. These bulbs come in a variety of sizes ranging from 14 to 32 watts and they are available in both T5 and T8 forms. Aqueon Colormax fluorescent lamps are designed to highlight the natural colors of live plants and tropical fish, enhancing their appearance and casting a warm glow over your aquarium. If you are tired of your tank looking dull, try replacing your current lamp with a color-enhancing bulb from Aqueon.

Aqueon also produces a line of Single Tube Fluorescent Strip-Lights which can be used in conjunction with glass aquarium lids to light your aquarium. These strip lights include internally-mounted ballasts and have an instant-start feature so they can be turned on and off manually or through the use of an automatic timer. The deluxe models of Aqueon strip lights include a polished aluminum reflector which directs the light from the fluorescent tubes down into the aquarium rather than up into the hood. If you are looking for a replacement for your standard aquarium hood, these strip lights are the perfect option.

aqueon-mini compact fluoresIn addition to standard fluorescent bulbs, Aqueon also produces a line of 50/50 Mini Compact Fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs are perfect for use in small aquariums or as supplemental light sources for larger tanks. Despite their small size, these bulbs cast bright blue and white rays that give your tank a sparkling appearance and they also help to promote healthy plant growth. These bulbs can be used in conjunction with most incandescent aquarium light fixtures and each bulb puts out about 10 watts of light.


What Customers are Saying

product-review300Before purchasing a piece of equipment for your aquarium, it is always wise to do some research to ensure that you are making the right choice. Reading reviews for particular brands and products is an important part of that research – it can help you choose between two options and may also alert you to potential problems with the product. Aqueon products consistently receive good reviews from customers and many aquarium hobbyists are loyal to this brand. Customers who purchased Aqueon Fluorescent Strip-Lights were pleased with the appearance and quality of the product and enjoyed the attractive illumination these lights provided. Reviews for Aqueon Full Spectrum Daylight bulbs praised the beautiful color balance achieved by the 8000°K light these bulbs produce. Customers also suggested that these bulbs were a great value for their money. People who purchased Aqueon Colormax bulbs were delighted by the natural look these bulbs brought to their tanks, creating a soft glow and bringing out the natural colors of their fish.  So the next time you need aquarium lighting, or replacement bulbs for your existing aquarium lighting fixture,  consider Aqueon and experience the difference quality lighting makes!

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